RARe2 Designs’ owner, Renita Nora Attardi, is a professional Design Consultant, who can decorate any home with style!  Her talents enable her to take a generic apartment, a home in the hills, or a chic-chic industrial loft and create a distinctive, well-designed, functional space.

Renita’s forté is assisting real estate agents and/or sellers with the sale of a home.  Design Staging® is the best real estate tool available to sellers, as it enhances the best qualities of the sellers’ homes and allows them to command a higher sale price.  Please call her with all your staging and design needs so that your home will look like a professionally designed Model Home.

Renita Nora Attardi graduated from Newbury College, in Brookline, Massachusetts (Summa Cum Laude), and Pine Manor College, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts (Summa Cum Laude).  She earned numerous design scholarships in Architectural Interior Design, and won certificates in Technical Excellence. 
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